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Needing An Aerobic Maintenance Contract

Consumers should learn about septic systems before building a home. Most often, the contractor installs the system and you live with it. There are two main types of septic tanks: aerobic and anaerobic. Both systems have advantages and disadvantages. The biggest difference is an aerobic system uses oxygen to break down waste. Oxygen allows aerobic bacteria to grow which eliminates solid waste. On the other hand, anaerobic systems only use bacteria. Many people prefer anaerobic systems because they are cheaper. In some instances, cheaper is not always best.

Many professionals prefer an aerobic system because it produces a cleaner waste byproduct. In the alternative, anaerobic systems break down waste by 70 percent. So, bacteria in the drain field has to do the rest of the job. In addition, the waste elimination process is faster in an aerobic tank. Further, these systems do not need as large a drain field as an anaerobic tank. Hence, residents do not need as much land to install a system. Septic contractors offer anaerobic and an Aerobic Maintenance Contract. Both systems need to be inspected and pumped regularly. In fact, aerobic units use electricity and technology. Therefore, they are more likely to need maintenance.

Over half of all Americans have an anaerobic septic tank. Every drain in the house flows directly into one pipe. That pipe sends waste into the septic tank outside. When the water hits the tank, it gets separated. Solid waste goes to the bottom of the tank. Next, gray water from the washing machine and tubs forms the middle layer. Finally, oils and fats make the slimy top layer. Bacteria in the tank degrades the solid waste. The remaining waste water flows out of the tank into the drain field. Anaerobic and Aerobic tanks can have problems. Call website domain for more information.

There are certain things that can damage any septic system. For instance, non-biodegradable items should not go into the system. Examples include diapers, certain cleansing wipes, and cigarettes. Additionally, waste from a garbage disposal should not go into the tank. That is because the bacteria cannot break it down. Bad septic habits are the main reason homeowners need an anaerobic or Aerobic Maintenance Contract.

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