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Make Sure You Only Use Camlocks From Tulsa

The camlock is often used in temporary power distribution and production. Interchangeable connectors, the most common being the 16 series, 105C degrees terminations at 400 amperes, made by several different companies. When you look for Camlocks Tulsa, you’ll find a complete line of camlocks and fittings. You’ll find camlocks and fittings of all sizes. They’ll connect to generators, to distribution panels and lighting dimmer racks.

You can find all of the different types of camlocks when you shop in Tulsa, such as the brass cam and groove, aluminum cam and groove, iron cam and groove and stainless steel. A corrosion resistant material is very important as well as having a material that can stand a high temperature. Stainless steel is adaptable at doing its job without having any of these problems.

If you use brass, it has good corrosion resistance and it’s less expensive than stainless steel. It is best used in plumbing. It can be used interchangeably with copper, especially when used where heavy walls are needed. It resists corrosion when used around salt water.

If you use steel, it needs to be used in non-corrosive areas. When used in high pressure applications, it’s an economical substitute for stainless steel and brass.

Camlocks Tulsa are used where 3 phase connections are needed or if more than 50A are required. Then they are only used in professional environments where connections to building disconnects need to establish power from large generators to lighting dimmer racks or distribution panels.

When using Camlocks Tulsa, you want to make sure that you use the correct phase. When produced they are color coded to help users in equipment companies from foreign traveling productions are less likely to have problems by connecting the wrong phase camlock.

For example in the United States the following color coding is most commonly used:

240 Volt deltaGreen Equipment Grounding Conductor

120/208 Volt wye

Grounded conductor is a white neutral

01 is black

02 is red

03 is blue

480 Volt deltaGreen Equipment Grounding Conductor

277/480 Volt wye

01 is orange

02 is yellow

03 is brown

Other countries use different color coding so a list of colors used in the country they are working in is important to avoid mistakes.

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