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Is Vocational Training the Right Path for Your Future Career?

Until the last decade, the traditional belief for professional success involved having to go to a four-year college. High school graduated faced years at university learning lessons that they hoped to take with them into their future careers. Even at that, there was no guarantee of them getting productive jobs once they graduated from college.

Today students realize that they do not necessarily have to go to university in order to be successful in life. By pursuing certificates like the network technician certification in San Diego CA, students can enroll at a vo-tech college and be qualified to work in the information technology field in a year or less.

Saving Money

When opting for training in something like network technician certification in San Diego CA, the cost of education is thousands of dollars less than going to a traditional four-year college. In fact, most vo-techs only charge a few thousand dollars for students to finish their programs. In contrast, universities charge hundreds of thousands of dollars in tuition, room, and books for students to finish their degree programs and graduate.

When students want to avoid going heavily into debt, they can get formal career training at a more affordable cost by going to a vocational college. They can get skills for trade jobs that are becoming more available in the job market today.

Ready Employment

Today in San Diego there are over 5000 information technology positions waiting to be filled. The lack of qualified information technology specialists is staggering, and many people simply are unaware of the positions.

Students who pursue vocational degrees may get hired faster than their four-year college counterparts. In some cases, they can make more money because of the experience they gain, as opposed to their counterparts who are in school and are unable to get experience in their field until after graduation.

You can find out more about getting network technician certification in San Diego CA online. Contact ICOHS College for more information.

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