Do I Really Need To Hire A Dog Walker in New York? The Answer Is Yes!

by | Dec 10, 2019 | Pet Service

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You can’t imagine not having your dog. As much as you love spending time with the pet, the fact is that work, school, and other demands on your time mean that it’s necessary to be out of the house for most of the day. One of the ways that you can ensure your pet is in good hands is to hire a New York dog walker. Here are two key benefits that result from ensuring your pet goes for walks at least once or twice a day.

Your Dog Will Love The Attention

There’s an ongoing debate about how dogs perceive the passage of time. Whatever the case, you can bet that your pet is missing you when you’re gone. One way to help ease that sense of loneliness is to have a New York dog walker drop by and take the dog for walks. The time spent with another human breaks up the day a bit and makes it a little easier for your pet to cope. Rest assured that your pet will still be happy to see you come through the door.

You’ll Be Doing Something Good For Your Pet’s Health

Dogs of all breeds need exercise. The opportunity to visit the part and walk around a bit is good for the dog’s joints as well as the pet’s state of mind. A New York dog walker will know all the places to take the pet so there’s plenty of room to walk, stop, smell, and in general enjoy physical and mental stimulation. Those walks will help your pet enjoy life a little more.

There’s no downside to hiring a dog walker. Think about what it could do for your pet and how those walks would ultimately benefit everyone involved.

Call New York Tails or visit to learn more about how to set up a dog walking schedule for your pet.

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