International Moving Companies – Services Provided for Jackson Relocation Customers

by | Jan 21, 2019 | moving

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Moving companies that relocate people and businesses to areas around the world must have the necessary skills and capabilities to perform these relocations in an efficient seamless manner. The companies that provide these services are referred to as international moving companies. Jackson moving customers that require a transition to a destination that is international can take advantage of these services, regardless of whether the destination is to Mexico, Canada, or a location overseas.

International Relocation Services
These moves are often more complicated than a regular, run-of-the-mill move, within the U.S. When you need to move to another country, various considerations must be made and specific types of tasks you need to international moves completed in an efficient manner. International moving companies must perform these tasks to make the transition as smooth as possible for customers. These tasks can include:

  • Online move tracking
  • Air, ocean and/or land transportation
  • Personal move management and custom-designed move planning
  • Freight forwarding
  • Free move preparation packet
  • Customs clearance and destination services
  • Full or partial packing/unpacking
  • Export or import documentation
  • Short-term and long-term storage
  • Crating and specialty packing
  • Property protection
  • Debris removal
  • Valuation coverage and claims management

Customs Clearance Moving Services
During the course of a year, moving companies must submit to a certain number of audits of their processes and facilities in accordance with the Department of Homeland Securities program of customs trade partnership. These unexpected audits are performed to help ensure these companies are providing reliable services within the customs process.

Premier Destination Services
Moving to a new country can involve a significant quantity of work and time. Becoming acquainted with your new location is important, including the environment you are moving into and the new culture. International moving companies can provide you with helpful destination services for this very purpose. These services can include:

  • Social security and driver’s license assistance
  • Move-in inspection assistance
  • Orientation
  • Home purchase assistance
  • Pre-decision consultation
  • Escorted rental touring
  • Lease signing assistance
  • Settling in assistance
  • Preview program/familiarization touring
  • Departure services
  • Cost of living analysis (COLA)
  • Full-service home finding

The relocation services referred to above and provided through international moving companies can help you relocate your new destination in an efficient manner. To get started with the process, contact an experienced international relocation provider in the industry.

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