3 Tips About Proper Boat Maintenance

by | Jan 21, 2019 | Boats

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Good habits can help you prolong your boat’s service life. Check out the following tips if you want to know more about proper boat maintenance.

Eliminate moisture

Always keep towels around so you can wipe off your boat when it’s wet. You probably already know how important it is to dry off your boat after use to prevent waterline stains, the Family Handyman says. But wiping off any moisture is good practice. All types of moisture are bad for your boat, though. Saltwater can corrode a few of your boat components and morning dew can lead to mildew. Scupper water, too, contains microscopic minerals. Keep moisture off your boat as much as possible.

Track your oil schedule

Like oil changes for your car, you also need to get your boat’s oil changed regularly. Follow the instructions on the manual, though, to make sure you’re on schedule with the oil changes. That way, you can always fix your schedule when you need to bring your watercraft in for boat service in Buford GA.

Check the engine before you go

If you plan on taking your boat out for a day on the water, you’ll want to check if your engine is ready and if everything is in good condition. Run through a checklist. Are there any signs of leaks? Is there a bit of damage? Will repairs need to be done? If you don’t know how to perform a thorough inspection of your boat and its parts, though, get it to a reputable boat service in Buford GA. Have pros look over your boat for issues and problems. Get those problems fixed and out of the way.

Proper boat maintenance can help you protect your investment. Before you head out to the water, get your boat serviced. Find a trustworthy service center to get your watercraft ready.

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