Installing A Bathing And Feeding Area For Birds And Additional Projects Completed By A Company That Specializes In Landscape Design In Norwalk CT

by | Mar 15, 2017 | Landscaping

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An avid birdwatcher can increase the amount of times that they are provided with the opportunity to view birds each day by adding a birdbath and feeders to their yard. The following project will describe how to add a bathing and feeding area for birds that will add beauty to a residential piece of property and provide an individual with plenty of room to relax outdoors.


  • measuring tape
  • ground marking the paint
  • rake
  • topsoil
  • large shovel
  • grass seed
  • water hose
  • birdbath
  • bird feeders
  • patio furniture
  • paving stones

Marking And Preparing The Ground

Once a specific Landscape Design in Norwalk CT has been chosen, a measuring tape and ground marking paint can be used to outline the area that will be used for the project. Twigs, leaves and small pebbles need to be raked into a pile. After debris has been removed, topsoil should be added to uneven portions of the ground. If any parts of the property are sparsely covered with grass, grass seed can be sprinkled evenly over them. Grass seed needs to be watered regularly for a few weeks.

Adding A Birdbath, Feeders, Furniture And Stones

A birdbath can be set in the middle of the property that has been cleared. A water hose can be used to fill the bath. Poles that are secured to bird feeders need to be inserted several inches into the ground. Patio furniture can be placed a few feet away from a birdbath and feeders. Decorative paving stones can be placed along the sides of a bathing and feeding area. A measuring tape will assist with placing an even amount of space between stones. Stones need to be pressed firmly into the ground to prevent them from shifting.

A bathing and feeding area can be maintained by cutting grass regularly and adding fresh water and food to a birdbath and feeders. If an individual needs assistance with achieving a Landscape Design in Norwalk CT, they can contact Giglio Landscape Services LLC or another landscaping company. Landscapers will improve the appearance of a piece of residential or commercial property and will help keep it maintained throughout the year.

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