FAQs About Balayage Hair Color

by | Mar 15, 2017 | Beauty

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In Connecticut, local salons strive for excellence and present women and men with extraordinary services. Among these services is the option to acquire hair coloring. These brilliant solutions provide clients with colors that transform from dark to light shades. It is an impressive trend that accentuates waves and curls. The following are frequently asked questions about Balayage Hair Color and styling options.

How Long Does It Take to Complete?

The length of time required to complete this style depends on the total number of colors used and the length and thickness of the hair. The coloring strategies require multiple processes. Typically, the darker shade is applied around the roots and downward toward the bottom of the hairline. The lighter shade may require foiling. The stylist will provide an estimated duration for these services based on associated factors.

How Many Colors are Used for These Options?

A new trend referred to mermaid hair is a part of the balayage process. It may require up to six or more colors. The type of style chosen by the client defines the total number of colors used. Any clients who acquire unnatural shades will undergo a bleaching process initially.

Is There a Waiting Period Between Processes?

Yes, if the client is transitioning to a much light shade of blond from black or brown, there is a necessary waiting period. These styles require multiple applications that are spread out to prevent hair damage. The stylist will provide an estimated waiting period for these requirements.

Will the Stylist Provide Additional Tips and Products?

Yes, all stylists can provide additional tips for styling the hair after the process is completed. They can also recommend hair care products to eliminate possible damage. The salon offers a wide assortment of products to protect and maintain hair color.

In Maryland, local salons provide exceptional hair coloring options that meet the latest trends. The stylists provide clients with beautiful options to keep the client’s style updated. They also provide helpful advice for these clients who acquire hair coloring services.

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