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Improve Your Smile With Teeth Whitening Piscataway

Everyone knows that first impressions stick with us. When initially meeting someone, most of us notice the other person’s teeth and smile before anything else and it’s clear when that person is trying to hide their teeth because they’re uncomfortable with how they look. Many people have dingy or yellowed teeth that take away their self confidence. Luckily, with Teeth Whitening Piscataway, it’s easy to have a dazzling white, bright smile in only a short amount of time.

Most children have nice white teeth but as we age, our teeth loose some of that brightness and begin to take on a more yellowed and dingy hue. Our teeth tend to loose some of their outer enamel and take on a more yellowed appearance as we get older. Our teeth also can lose some of their whiteness due to drinks we enjoy such as coffee, tea and red wine. These stains gradually build up on the teeth and discolor them. Tobacco does the same thing to our teeth, only usually more rapidly.

Fortunately, you don’t have to live with dingy and yellowed teeth. Most dental offices offer Teeth Whitening Piscataway. Getting your teeth whitened is a simple way to improve your appearance and gain more self confidence in your everyday life. A bright white smile will make you look and feel years younger, and it’s simple to do.

The basis of teeth whitening is to restore your teeth back to their natural color. Whitening your teeth gives you a very natural appearance. It won’t look phony or artificial as some tooth bleaching can do. The cosmetic dentist will measure your tooth color to be certain that the shade chosen looks natural. Usually, a hydrogen peroxide type gel is placed on the teeth. Then a special light activates the gel to remove stains and restore your teeth to their previous white shade. It’s a very safe procedure that doesn’t take long at all, usually no more than an hour. The results are immediate.

There is no need to feel self conscious about your teeth. Gain confidence and feel good about your smile. Talk to your dentist today about getting your teeth whitened.

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