Vacationing In Florida Should Include Destin Pontoon Rentals

by | Apr 15, 2013 | Sports And Games

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Destin is located on what is called Florida’s Emerald Coast on the Gulf of Mexico in the northwest part of the state. Beginning as a small fishing village, named after Captain Leonard Destin in the mid 1800’s, it has become a mecca for sun-loving beach travelers from all over the world. Being right on the water, it only makes sense to include Destin Pontoon Rentals as something to do while there.

Pontoon rentals are available at a number of places making it easy to take one out for an hour or two or even an entire day. There are plenty of ways to make a pontoon rental a memorable experience. There are many places along the coast that can be visited; Crab Island is a favorite for example. One can cruise around Destin Harbor and view the many luxury homes on the water. Being out on the water to watch the sunset can be very romantic. Hosting a party on one of the larger pontoon boats can be a fun idea as well.

Some Pontoon Rentals offer additional equipment to further enhance your boating experience. Snorkeling equipment can be a great way to view the sea-life closely. Getting a kayak can be helpful so that you can anchor the pontoon and then head off to smaller and shallower waterways. You might also consider doing a little fishing from the pontoon boat. The rental Pontoon boats may not be the ideal boat for this purpose unless they have a fishing setup, but as long as you aren’t going to try to bring in Moby Dick, you’ll probably do just fine.

Pontoon boats are relatively easy to maneuver, so even if you’ve never operated any type of boat before, you can quickly learn how to use one. The pontoon rental company will be more than happy to give you some quick instructions. Being out on the water in Destin, Florida is an experience not to be missed. Whether you do some swimming, fishing or just lay out listening to the lap of the waves and soak up some Florida sun, you can’t beat a few hours or a day out on the beautiful coastal waters.


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