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How To Determine If You Needs Professional Plumbers In Lakeland FL

You do not need to be intimidated by a household plumbing problem such as a high water bill. You can try to diagnose the problem at home first before calling for Plumbers Lakeland FL. It may be that your leaky water faucet does require professional help but there are 5 steps you can take first that will help you determine if it is a do-it-yourself job.

As simple as checking to see if an electronic appliance is plugged in, check to see if there is a drip in your home. Do this at a quiet time of the day so you can best hear even the slightest drip in each faucet. Next, look for evidence of leaks along the paths that water lines travel. Check base boards or feel for condensation or actual water leaks around the plumbing fixtures where they are close to a wall. In this case, use a flashlight for getting under vanities or sinks that are too dark to see clearly.

Again, using a time that is relatively quiet in your house, listen to all the bathrooms in the house. When they have not been used are they remaining quiet? If they flush or run water when they have not been used there may be a slow drain which requires the toilet to fill up on its own.

Next, check your water meter which is located outside the home. This is where the local water company checks your monthly water usage and bills you accordingly. Turn off all the water to the home and make note of the number displayed. In a couple of hours return to see if the number has remained relatively unchanged. If there is a huge spike in usage you know there is a water leak.

Depending on any of the findings in the 5 steps will help you determine the severity of your problem and if you can fix it at home or if you need Plumbers Lakeland FL to help you save on your monthly water bill. Not to mention the water damage that can occur from even the slightest of standing water problems.

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