Children’s Dentistry in Haymarket VA

by | May 9, 2013 | Dentistry

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Pediatric dentists care for children from infants up to adolescence. They are also trained to care for children with special needs. Training to become a pediatric dentist include two to three years of specialized classes and internships beyond the basic dental school curriculum. Best practices for the oral health of children and adolescents are covered in these classes as well as training in the newest technology in dental procedures.

Preventing dental diseases is the main focus of childrens dental haymarket va. There are many options for treatment as the child grows older and the need for orthodontia services is explored. These dentist can help to make these decisions. These children’s dentist offer quality care in a comfortable and child appropriate setting.

Educating parents is a large part of a pediatric dentists core role. These dentists can explain to parents the best ways to brush an infants teeth, the newest in sports preventative care and also the risks of facial piercing. These dentists are also trained in the newest dental procedures for sealants and x-rays. Parents can discuss with the dentist the best ways to prevent cavities and also why it is important for an infant it see the dentist soon after the first tooth erupts. A big part of being a children’s dentist is making the child feel comfortable during the visit. This is accomplished with a colorful office with friendly and happy team of employees and usually an interactive approach. The child usually goes home with a goody bag full of dental floss, mouth rinse and colorful toothbrushes to ensure that the child has the right equipment to get good results. Some children’s dental offices allow the parents in the treatment room to help ease the child’s anxiety about the visit. Another way that is used to lessen anxiety in the child is to use headphones with music while the child is being treated.

Accreditation, emergency hours, location, and insurance are important criteria when choosing a children’s dentist. The children’s dental offices haymarket va are dedicated to offering the best in pediatric dental care in a compassionate and friendly atmosphere.

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