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How Pipe Bending Seattle, Washington can Save a Business Owner in Expenses

A common technique used within the metal forming process is pipe bending Seattle, Washington. Pipe bending can be categorized into various types including compression pipe bending and aluminum pipe bending. A pipe bender is used to bend various ranges of piping, but the most common types of piping are plumbing and electrical piping.

In order for machines for pipe bending in Seattle, Washington to work, the user must pull the handles of the bender to force the pipe around the former. The pipe then becomes sandwiched between the former and the roller, forcing it to take shape when the user pushing the handles together, exerts the pressure.

Advantages of Pipe Bending

  • By using a specific bending procedure, many pipes are fabricated into small radiuses without the risk of becoming distorted. Pipe bending saves both time and money due to the pipe being bent correctly the first time.
  • Pipe bending increases the amount of productivity without needing to outsource duties to outside operations. Pipe bending equipment makes pipe bending duties much easier and hassle-free while saving the business owner their money. Purchasing a pipe bending machines helps the shop to make bulk purchases of pipes for much lower wholesale costs when compared to smaller purchases.

Choosing the Right Pipe Bender

There are several things an individual will need to take into consideration when choosing a pipe bending machine.

  • Research the many types of machines including open rotary draw bending, mandrel bending, roll bending, and ram-style bending.
  • Evaluate the speed, accuracy, and repeatability needs. The speed, accuracy, and repeatability needed will help the individual to choose among four different machine capability levels and power modes; manual, hydraulic, electric and electromechanical benders.
  • Know the materials that the style of the bender will be working with. It is important to identify what type of material will be used, the sizes of the pipe, the wall thickness, and the centerline radius. Identifying details will help to make the best decision for the equipment and tooling choices, avoiding wrinkles, kinks, and crushing.


Whether adding bending to an established business or upgrading the processes already provided, consulting with experts such as Specialty Metals will help an individual to save their time and money by ensuring the right machine is chosen. Visit us website today for more information.

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