When Medical Issues Strike, a Home Care Agency Can Help

by | Oct 22, 2019 | Health

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Medical issues can arise at any time of life, and when they do, families can feel out of their depth and afraid of accidentally harming the loved one in their care. Chronic conditions, rapidly changing health status, post-operative care and rehab, and medication management are just a few of the times that home care can step in with licensed professionals to help. When you need assistance, work with a professional home care agency that helps you to care for your child, spouse, parent, or other loved one in the familiar comfort of the family home.

Why Home Care?

It’s no secret that hospitals and nursing homes have cut nursing staff to the bone, resulting in serious gaps in care. Also, thanks to medical advances, many medications and treatments can be delivered in the home. Keeping a patient at home has many benefits from the patient’s state of mind to avoiding the multiple hospital-acquired infections from Clostridium difficile, MRSA, and even scabies. The home care agency nurse has only one patient in front of them to care for at a time and can give undivided attention.

From caring for seniors with dementia, hip and knee replacement patients, ill or injured children, or even newly post-partum mothers, professional standards of care ensure better outcomes and more comfortable and happier patients.

Work with the Very Best

No matter your medical situation, working with Capital City Nurses delivers premium care in the familiarity and privacy of your Washington DC home. We can handle everything from companions up to nursing skills that one could expect to be delivered in a hospital, clinical setting, or skilled nursing care home. Keep your loved one where they will be the most comfortable at, and give them the very best in care.

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