Heavy Duty Tow Truck Operators Keep Buses, Trucks, and RVs on the Road

You have probably been rescued at least once by the familiar tow truck. When your car broke down, you made a phone call and the truck showed up to help. Things get a bit more complicated when the vehicle that has broken down is an RV, a semi, or a city bus.

Cities like Atlanta are hubs of activity and so companies providing heavy-duty towing Atlanta, GA are standing by to help. Unfortunately, the busier the traffic in a city, the higher rates of accidents you can expect the city to have. Whether you are on vacation in a tour bus or driving a large truck for work, you can always get help when you call the right service.

Heavy duty tow trucks are specially designed for towing vehicles like the following:

  • City buses
  • Tour buses
  • Motor coaches
  • RVs
  • Tractor trailers
  • Commercial vans
  • Fleet trucks

Because breakdowns always seem to happen at the least convenient time, heavy duty tow trucks are on 24-hour call. They even work on holidays. The dispatcher should be able to tell you how long the wait will be. Although they try to be quick, factors like the weather, traffic patterns, and other calls in the queue can create a longer wait.

The operators of heavy-duty towing trucks in Atlanta, GA, are careful and professional. They understand that your vehicle is valuable, and you may depend upon it for your business. They hook you up quickly and safely, then get you to the shop so repairs can begin. Their goal is always to get you back on the road as soon as possible.

Metropolitan areas are crisscrossed with major highways, making it easier for heavy duty tow truck operators to reach you. They usually have an extensive service area, so even if your delivery truck conks out in an obscure neighborhood, one call will have a rescue on the way. 

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