Pain Management Therapy in Queen Creek, AZ Brings Relief to Pain Sufferers

by | Aug 2, 2019 | Health

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In some medical scenarios, acute pain can be managed by opioid, especially if the medicine is used with other analgesic substances. However, opioid are not always required and may increase the development of undesirable side effects.

That is why acute pain management therapy in Queens Park, AZ is highly specialized to the patient. Acute pain is pain that quickly passes or lasts several weeks. The pain is experienced for a period of about three to six months. Acute pain can be associated with a skeletal injury or soft tissue damage. It is classified as either post-traumatic or spontaneous in nature. The trauma can either be unplanned (accidental) or planned (surgical).

Opioid Management

When opioid are used in acute pain management therapies, they are normally directed toward more severe pain. As an injured tissue heals, the pain typically resolves. In the interim, however, the discomfort can range from mild to severe.

Spontaneous Acute Pain: Mild to Severe

When acute pain management professionals address acute pain, again, they must tailor the therapy to the type of pain: trauma (unplanned or spontaneous) or planned (from an elective procedure). Pain that is spontaneous and mild may be associated with the following health conditions:

  • Headache
  • A sore back
  • An upper respiratory infection

Moderately spontaneous painful conditions may be represented by the following:

  • A sprained ankle
  • A bone fracture
  • A strained ligament
  • A deep laceration

If the spontaneous pain is severe, it may come about as the result of the following:

  • Trauma from an auto accident
  • Trauma from a burn or amputation

Multi modal Therapy

Normally multi modal therapy is used for acute pain management. This method is critical for maximizing pain relief. Because various modalities are normally synergistic, any side effects can be reduced. The main therapies used for multi-modal treatments may include the use of epidural, opioids, adjunctive medicines, or physical modalities or rehabilitation.

Where to Obtain Further Information

Learn more about the treatment options for acute pain by visiting a site such as The Regional Pain Institute online.
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