Get Puppies Used to Dog Grooming in Elkhorn, NE Early

by | May 2, 2017 | Dog Boarding

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Regular grooming is about more than just making sure that dogs look great, although that is certainly one benefit. Grooming helps keep dogs clean and in good physical health as well. Unfortunately, many pups find the experience stressful. The best solution is to get dogs started with a regular grooming routine as young as possible. Read on to find out why it’s so important to get started early with regular Dog Grooming in Elkhorn NE.

Remove Some Stress Later in Life

Adult dogs who have not grown up receiving regular grooming from a professional groomer often find the experience extremely stressful. They wine, they bark, they try to escape, and they make a generally huge scene. This is bad for everyone involved. The dogs and the groomers can end up being hurt, and the owners are likely to end up blacklisted from doggie salons across the city. Just getting them started with regular washing, brushing, and nail clipping early can prevent a lot of unnecessary stress.

Early Detection of Health Problems

Groomers aren’t just great at making sure every pooch they treat leaves looking fantastic. They’re also used to handling dogs and are much more likely to notice if something is awry in terms of a puppy’s physical disposition or its growth than an inexperienced dog owner would be. While they are washing, brushing, and clipping, good groomers are on the lookout for things like rashes, unexplained bumps, ear mites, and other common problems.

The Dogs Love It

Dogs that didn’t make regular trips to the groomer as puppies may find the experience stressful, but those that did usually love it. Most adore all the extra attention and prefer the way it feels to be free of any matted or excess fur that has developed since their last visit.

New dog owners shouldn’t be nervous about taking their pups into their first appointments for Dog Grooming in Elkhorn NE. Professional groomers know how to handle dogs, even puppies, and how to keep them calm in addition to leaving them looking and feeling great. Interested in learning more? Visit for additional information, or schedule an appointment with an experienced groomer today.

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