Fine Bone China – Tips for Maintenance

It is always exciting to purchase fine bone china crockery. However, the time comes to take care of them and many of us find that we are at a loss. Maintaining this costly crockery can be quite challenge especially for those who have no prior experience with them. However, the following tips should help you get started with the minimal maintenance needs of fine bone china.

These crockery pieces are very delicate. They break easily and should be handled with care. It is therefore important to ensure that you watch the taps, the sinks, and other hard surfaces as you clean your plates and cups. Avoid banging the pieces against these hard surfaces, as this is likely to result in scratch marks or even worse, the breakage of the pieces.

Be sure not to use the pieces in the microwave if they are decorated with metal pieces. This is not only for the safety of your pieces but it is also for your own safety. The metal pieces reflect the microwaves and may result in a spark. This spark will set off an explosion in your kitchen that could end up destroying your home.

If you want to ensure that your fine bone china pieces last for a long time, ensure that you do not expose them to sudden changes in temperature. You should therefore avoid dipping them in hot water then dunking them in cold water. This will only result in the breaking of the pieces or the formation of cracks. These cracks will cause sipping of liquids or eventually result in the breaking of the pieces.

If your fine bone china set includes cups, you should avoid hanging them by their handles to dry or when storing them. This will only result in the handle breaking. Replacing these handles is not only difficult, but it is also expensive. This should be avoided at all costs.

Soak the china in warm water with dish washing liquid to remove stubborn or tough stains. You should not use a scouring pad or metal scrubber to remove food particles or stains from the china. This will only scratch the surface of the china making it lose its natural luster. The same will happen if you use abrasive cleaning agents.

Finally, a common mistake made by those who own china is in the storage of the pieces. Many people stack plates one over the other. This only results in the development of scratches on the surface of the fine bone china pieces. You should ensure that you store the pieces separately where possible. You can store them on a rack or use tissue or tracing paper between the plates if you must stack them.

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