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Facts About Trailer Service In El Dorado County

If somebody owns a boat trailer, they need to realize the trailer’s tires need to be perfectly parallel in order to function correctly. When a trailer leaves the factory, it is aligned correctly, but any sort of collision or accident may put the trailer in a state of disrepair where it is dangerous to use. Here are some brief tips on how to align the trailer’s wheels before taking it in for professional Trailer Service El Dorado County.

Measure It

A tape measure will be needed to measure distances on the trailer. The first thing to be measured is the distance between the tire rims. Place the tape measure against one rim and stretch it across to meet the opposing rim. Take note of the distance in between the rims. The next step is to perform the same routine but do it with the other set of tires. Again, take note of the distance while performing Trailer Service in El Dorado County. If the measurements are not identical, then it will be obvious which direction the tires need to be pulled for proper alignment.

Pull It

The next step is to place a log chain around the spring bracket and axle on each set of tires. This is the point of time a jack will also be needed. Take a 2×6 board and place it between the axle and the bottom of the jack. This spreads the force of the jack out in a greater distance. Place the chain over the top of the jack and pull the chain until it gets as tight as possible. Lever the jack until the chain bends the axle just a little. Bend it just a little at a time so as not to bend it too far. After each lever of the jack, take a measurement until the measurements align themselves perfectly. If this all sounds too complicated, an experienced company such as Vintage Transport can certainly do the work.

For an appointment to get the trailer fixed by professionals, visit us. A member of the team will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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