Useful Advice on How to Smoke Cigars Like a Pro

by | Feb 7, 2019 | Cigarettes

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If you’ve tried smoking a cigar and liked the experience, you may be thinking about exploring more of your options. Here are several pieces of useful advice on buying one and expanding your horizons.

Find out what you like

Think about the taste that appeals to you. Do you like sweet flavors? Then shop around for brands that offer a sweet aftertaste. Keep that in mind when you check out choices like Villiger Cigars.

Reach out

Most pros are incredibly happy to share their knowledge and help you out. Look around for that. Talking it out with other cigar aficionados can do a lot to improve your experience and help you make the most out of every cigar.

Time it

How long do you want to spend on smoking the cigar? You’ll want to pick a cigar that’s just the right size for the smoking time you prefer, the Gentleman’s Gazette says. That’s why you should seldom go for the big ones, unless you intend the better part of an hour or even two hours to savor and enjoy the cigar.

Note it down

If you find something you like, then don’t forget to take note of it. That way, the next time you want a hit, you’ll know enough to check out brands like the Villiger Cigars.

Try them all out

Don’t stick to only one brand, though. If you’re just starting out as a cigar connoisseur, you’ll need to try out as many flavors and brands as possible. There’s no other way to learn and discover all the flavors you love if you don’t give them a try.

Enjoy smoking your cigars. These tips may not cover all the information you need but they should be enough to help you get started on your quest to become a cigar aficionado.

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