Effective Methods to Prevent Rodents at Your Workplace in Australia

by | Aug 25, 2022 | Pest Control

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Rodents are persistent and annoying. When they find their way into your office, they can cause damage to your files and furniture, spread pathogens, and cause structural damage, among others. So then, how do you prevent these rodents at your workplace? Read on to get the best methods.

Clear Any Trash

Rodents, especially mice, are aggressive scavengers. Therefore, leaving any food or uncleaned cutlery on the sinks or table will attract these pests like a magnet. Even a simple crumb or leftover can be an invitation. So, always clean used cups, plates, and other kitchenware.

Empty Garbage Bins

Garbage bins are possible places where rodents will visit for food. Mice and rats will ensure they eat everything in the can. To leave nothing traceable, ensure you empty the garbage bins before leaving the office.

Put Food in Airtight Containers.

Many of us like carrying snacks for the day. Well, that’s all good. After all, it’s the best way to survive behind office desks for long, tedious hours. However, make sure it is carried on an airtight container/carrier. This prevents the smell from attracting rodents into your office.

Seal Cracks in The Office Building

Rodents will get into your office through small holes or cracks in the building. As such, inspect the office perimeter for possible pathways. Pay attention to cracks in brick, holes in the facades, and doors/windows that don’t close, among other places.

Seek Professional Rodent Control

If you keep having rodents despite enforcing control measures, you should contact professional rodent control in Brisbane. Because of their skills and experience, the experts will identify possible pathways of the pests and seal them off to prevent further damage.

For more information on how to prevent rodents at your workplace, feel free to seek professional rodent control in Brisbane. At Flick Pest Control Brisbane, we provide safe and effective pest control services in Australia. Visit their website to book their services.

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