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Do You Really Need Solar Eclipse Viewer Glasses?

Before long, a rare total solar eclipse will be viewable by most people in the United States. If you plan to check out this special event, you need to protect your eyes from dangerous ultraviolet rays from the sun. Many people will choose to buy inexpensive solar eclipse viewer glasses for the event. However, are they necessary? Let’s look at the eclipse a little closer shall we?

What is a Solar Eclipse?

As the earth moves around the sun, the moon also orbits the earth. Now and then, the moon gets between the earth and sun and blocks out the sun for a few minutes. During this time, darkness may descend upon the land. In fact, years ago, people became very afraid during these events, thinking a higher power was at work.

Today, we understand why eclipses happen, but some people still fail to grasp the importance of protecting one’s vision. Even though the moon has blocked the sun, the sun is extremely large and its ultraviolet rays (which you cannot see) still make it to the earth. In other words, it’s just as bad to view a solar eclipse directly, as it is to look into the sun during daylight hours.

The Danger of Ultraviolet Light

The eyes have a special lining in the back, called the retina. Cells in the retina sense light and turn it into signals that can be interpreted by the brain as vision. Even though Vision actually occurs in the brain, without the retina, vision messages cannot travel via the optic nerve to the vision center of the brain.

Too much light over stimulates the retina. This stimulation is toxic to the retina cells and causes damage. Even worse, this damage can occur without any pain sensation, so the person is unaware the damage is taking place. In fact, the injury may not become noticeable for many hours after the event. Solar eclipse viewer glasses filter out harmful UV light, protecting vision.

Why Special Glasses?

You can use other items to protect your vision. However, they may not be as effective as special solar eclipse viewer glasses. These products have lenses specifically designed to filter out harmful light and provide a clear view of one of the nature’s most interesting spectacles. A good pair of eclipse glasses can be purchased for less than a dollar when you order several pairs. This makes them perfect for eclipse parties, and you will be assured everyone has fun and proper vision protection.

If you would like to buy affordable solar eclipse viewer glasses, come to American Paper Optics. We offer quality made glasses and viewers, and you can find what you need when you visit us on the Web today at

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