Custom Foam Insulation Panels a Durable, Clean Choice for Every Need

by | Sep 2, 2015 | Wholesale and Distribution

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Foam insulation panels have many applications and have become the insulation of choice for projects large and small. Because foam is lightweight and durable, it is an excellent insulation product. Foam can be cut and formed to exact specifications. Because the material make-up of foam is a closed-cell system, it is a clean insulation material. Foam as insulation material is also cost effective, which is another reason it is a good selection for your projects.

Great Choice for Appliance Insulation
All appliances, large and small, must be insulated, and foam insulations panels for this application are particularly good. Not only is foam clean and durable, but it is also heat resistant. All appliances generate heat, so having insulation that is resistant to that heat helps keep the appliance cool. This keeps the appliance from overheating and causing damage, thereby extending the life of the appliance. The panels also serve to reduce energy consumption. In fact, anywhere insulation is required in an electrical environment, foam panels will be a great solution, due to its heat-resistant and other qualities. Foam is also a clean, hygienic choice.

New Building Construction
Foam insulation panels can also be used in new building construction. In fact, they are very well-suited for basement construction where the conditions are often damp. Not only is foam heat-resistant, but it is also water-resistant making it a great insulation alternative for this application.

Theater and stadium seating can even be made from foam insulation panels. Builders use the panels as a form for the risers. The foam will hold its shape, allowing for easier fabrication. All of the properties of the foam, from its durability to its heat and water resistance, make foam panels a perfect fit.

Get the Right Panel for Your Needs
Foam insulation panels are also unique in their ability to be cut and formed to virtually any specifications. These panels come in all shapes and sizes, but for custom jobs look for a manufacturer who can deliver a perfect fit for your project. Custom manufactures will work with you to design, develop and create exactly what you need for your project.

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