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Consider Multiple Uses When Selecting Kids Veils For A Wedding

One of the prime reasons for the expense of a wedding is the large number of purchased items that are only used or worn one time. The bridal gown is the primary example of this, of course, but it is not the only item that falls into this category. Whether you are paying for all wedding participants’ clothing or whether they are paying themselves (or, in the case of the children in your wedding party, their parents are paying), it is wise to consider ways to keep your costs down and be open to other uses for some items.

Kids veils are one area that you may be able to find more than one reason for a child participant to need. Depending on the faith of the family involved, many young girls still today wear a veil for their First Communion, for example. Baptisms are another such event and many people choose to have their children baptized when older instead of as infants. You may also want to consider other family weddings that may be up and coming or even being planned at the same time and perhaps both or all of the brides in question could be able to agree on one style of veil so that the flower girl or junior bridesmaid only needs to have one veil for all events.

In addition to these very special, once in a lifetime events, some girls need or wish to wear kids veils for other special times such as with a favorite Easter dress, party dress or other holiday outfit. Then, there are simply some girls that may like to wear them every day, although it may not be what the girls’ parents allow!

For older girls, there may be special pageants that they are involved with or other coming of age rituals that either require or could simply benefit from a lovely veil. Maybe your sweet flower girl is an aspiring actress and she is playing a bride in a local school play—the teacher or director would be thrilled that she has a veil to wear already!

These are just some small examples of how you can help to reduce costs for a wedding. You can extrapolate these out to more than just kids’ veils and look at other items such as bridesmaid dresses, shoes, jewelry and more. Your wedding day will still be extremely special, unique and meaningful and you will have saved some important resources that could go toward helping your new married life get established.

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