Putting Master Data Management to Work for Your Company

by | May 13, 2013 | Computer And Internet

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When you run a business, you have information that you need to track and keep. There’s no getting around that. This information is called the master data, and it’s imperative that you keep it safe. Whether you have a ton of data to keep track of or just the information for a few clients, you need to keep the data safe. This is master data management, and it means keeping the information secure and backed up so it doesn’t get lost.

Before computers, every document was written or typed, and the documents were kept in a filing cabinet. If you needed the documents secured, you kept them in locked filing cabinets. Essential documents were sometimes kept in a safe. With computers being a focus in today’s society, most documents are written and/or kept on the computer. These files are vital to a company’s workings and therefore, even on the computer, they must be kept safe. Master Data Management is a way of keeping your information secure from prying eyes. This can include any security features, including password protecting the computer or site they are kept on, all the way up to the highest internet security features similar to the ones that banks use.

When all the documents were kept in a filing cabinet, your only choice of backing up the papers in case of an emergency was to have an extra copy. Then, you needed to find a place for that copy. Now with computers, it’s easy to make extra copies. Master Data Management in regards to safety can mean making a print copy of the materials, but usually this isn’t the case. You would need a place to secure the documents, and that takes up space. An alternative is to use a backup hard drive, save the documents in multiple places, or to use a secured version of the “cloud.”

Whether you’re looking for safety or security, you’re going to need a way to manage the data that your business accumulates. This information is vital to your business, and should be treated as such. Create a plan for master data management and follow it through. You’ll have fewer worries about your company’s information.

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