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The Most Common Type of Pool Resurfacing in Nassau County NY

Most in-ground swimming pools provide years of reliable service before needing anything beyond routine maintenance. Over time, though, the effects of age will start to show, and some more pointed intervention will often be required.

In many cases, for example, a pool of a certain age will start to display problems like cracks and wear that might need to be addressed. In some cases, these symptoms will be mostly cosmetic, while in others they could present safety hazards or make maintenance more difficult. In just about every such situation, experts at Resurfacing in Nassau County NY like those at Sky Blue Pools will be able to provide a suitable form of help.

Restoring a Pool’s Surface to Like-New Condition

The process of pool resurfacing in Nassau County NY tends to be fairly straightforward, with three simple steps characterizing the usual course of action. From start to finish, these are:

  • Removal of damaged material.
  • Resurfacing a pool does not need to mean doing away with the existing surface entirely, but some removal will almost always be required. Most commonly, technicians will carefully chip out material that has been damaged to the point where its continued presence would interfere with restoration efforts. Even in cases where an expanse of surface material remains largely attached to the underlying substrate, a bit of loosening can mean that it must be removed before further work can be done.
  • Application of new material.
  • Once all the damaged surface has been removed and the surrounding surfaces restored to an appropriate condition, new material can be put in place. This work will often go quite a bit more smoothly and quickly than that which came earlier, as it will not necessarily require the same type of fine-grained focus.
  • Acid washing or other type of finishing.
  • After the newly applied material has been allowed to cure, it will then be finished in whichever fashion might be most appropriate. This will help smooth the finished surface and also make it better able to resist wear itself.

A Simple, Reliable Process That Pays Off

In just about every case, a pool resurfacing project can be counted upon to go smoothly. Investing into this kind of work can leave a pool in great condition for many years to come, virtually ensuring plenty of returns.

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