How to Succeed in an Illinois Slip and Fall Case

by | Oct 31, 2017 | Law

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Slips and falls can cause considerable injury and damage, and there is legal recourse for people who have experienced these mishaps. The key to succeeding in such a case is proving that the fall was likely to happen given the situation and that there was danger present. A slip and fall lawyer in Cicero can give you guidance on how to pursue a case successfully.

What Has to Be Proven in a Slip and Fall Case?

In a slip and fall case, the plaintiff must prove that there was a hazardous condition or something else on the property that directly caused the fall. The key to the case is proving the defendant failed to make sure the property was safe and was negligent. If the plaintiff fails to prove that there was a problem on the property that caused the fall, the case may not succeed.

In addition, it is tremendously helpful to have a witness who saw the fall testify that the conditions caused the fall. In addition to testimony from people who saw the fall, relevant evidence can be collected from police reports and emergency room records. An effective slip and fall lawyer in Cicero can identify the right sources of evidence to support your case.

How Long Was the Problem There?

Not only does the plaintiff have to prove there was something on the property that caused the fall, but it should have been there long enough that the defendant knew about it and didn’t do anything about it.

If there was water on stair steps from a neighbor watering their garden, for example, and the resident was not home when someone slipped and fell after knocking on the door, it might be hard to establish that the defendant was negligent. However, if customers had been complaining about faulty stair steps at a business location and if a customer falls and gets injured, it can be easier to prove that the defendant was negligent because he chose to do nothing about a problem over a period of time. A seasoned slip and fall lawyer in Cicero can help determine ways to prove the defendant’s negligence.

Mary Ann Covone has a track record of success in numerous Illinois cases. She is a skilled mediator and negotiator and can help design a strategy for a slip and fall case.

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