Chaikin Stock Report for Yahoo! Inc. $YHOO 03-13-2012

by | Mar 21, 2012 | Business

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The Chaikin Power Gauge RatingTM stock report for Yahoo! Inc. $YHOO is bearish due to very bearish price/volume activity and weak earnings performance. The rating also reflects positive expert opinions. Price and volume activity for YHOO is very bearish which is indicated by negative Chaikin money flow and a negative Chaikin price trend.

Financial Metrics Rating – Neutral

YHOO’s financial metrics are neutral. The company may be undervalued and has relatively low revenue per share. The rank is based on a low price to book value, high price to sales ratio and relatively low cash flow.

Earnings Performance Rating – Bearish

YHOO’s earnings performance has been weak. The company has a history of weak earnings growth and experienced relatively poor earnings growth in the past
12 months. The rank is based on poor EPS growth over the past 3-5 years, a relatively poor trend in earnings this year and consistent earnings over the past 5 years.

Price/Volume Activity Rating – Very Bearish

Price and volume activity for YHOO is very bearish. YHOO is experiencing sustained selling and has a declining price trend. The rank for YHOO is based on its relative weakness versus the market, negative Chaikin money flow, a negative Chaikin price trend, a positive Chaikin price trend ROC and a decreasing volume trend.

Expert Opinions – Bullish

Expert opinions about YHOO are positive. Insiders are net buyers of YHOO’s stock and analysts’s opinions on YHOO have been more positive recently. The rank for YHOO is based on analysts revising earnings estimates downward, a low short interest ratio, insiders purchasing stock, optimistic analyst opinions and relative weakness of the stock versus the Computer Software-Services industry group.

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