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The Best Mattress Type for Chronic Back Pain

If you have a problem with back pain, it can cause problems when it comes to getting a great night’s sleep. You may have trouble getting in and out of bed, difficulty finding a comfortable sleep position, or experience issues staying asleep because of the pain. Having a mattress that supports you and helps alleviate the pain can go a long way. We’ll share some information to help you select the right mattress for back pain.

Mattress with Spinal Support

Most back pain is concentrated in the lower back, but it can often be felt in other areas of the back. This is why choosing a mattress that supports your entire body is a must when chronic pain is present. You should select a mattress that distributes your body weight in an even manner so there is less stress on your spine. If you notice that your body and the mattress have a gap between them, that means you do not have that support.

Temperature & Comfort

Besides proper support, you also want to choose a mattress for back pain that is comfortable. This is something that is highly individual, so you will need to make that decision on your own. Temperature is another factor in selecting the perfect mattress. A breathable mattress is the best option available. It will give you a more comfortable, cooler temperature to sleep on.

Memory Foam Mattresses

The most recommended type of mattress for those with back pain is memory foam. There are several reasons for this. The main one is that memory foam will conform to the shape of your body. This means pressure points are relieved, which can lead to a reduction of pain. There are various options regarding the firmness of a memory foam mattress, which also needs to be considered. The density of the foam can be high, low, or medium. The most support comes from high, while the least comes from the low option. It is often best to choose a medium or high-density mattress if you are experiencing back pain.

If you are searching for a mattress for back pain, Flo Mattress has options that will have you sleeping like a baby. You can learn more about our products or get in contact with use for more information. Click here to visit our website.

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