Structural Steel Fabrication: Looking At The Types Of Steel

by | Nov 14, 2018 | Metal Finisher

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When it comes to building homes and other structures, steel is the material of choice. In Cleveland and elsewhere across America, it remains the most popular metal to employ. However, this steel is not average. It is structural steel, fabrication of which involves understanding the different types available and their applications.


Basic steel has two important components. These are iron and carbon. By increasing the amount of carbon in the steel, it is possible to effect certain qualities including strength and ductility. Carbon steel types (also known as carbon-manganese or mild structural steels) include the following ASTM grades:

  • A36: Fabrication turns this type of steel into structural plate and shapes
  • A53: Fabricators can form this type of carbons steel into structural tubing and pipes
  • A500 and A501: The same uses applies to this type of structural steel as it has for A53
  • A529: Best used for fabricating structural shapes as well as plate

This type of structural steel is high in both strength and ductility. It also costs less than other types making it very popular.

However, carbon steels are not the only type of steel open available to structural steel fabrication shops. Other types are in common use. These include high-strength, low-alloy steels: This is one of the latest products of engineering and structural steel fabrication. It is in common use by many Cleveland fabrication shops for producing structural steel shapes and plates as well as pipe and tubing and various W or S I beams. Among the various grades in common usage

  • A441
  • A572
  • A618
  • A992
  • A913

Fabrication shops may also work with quenched and/or high-tempered alloy steels including A514.

Structural Steel Fabrication

Companies in Cleveland who build bridges or raise structures understand the value of steel. They also know it is essential to choose the best option for their project. Structural steel fabrication shops possess the knowledge and the skill to ensure construction companies make the best choice possible.

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