Bathroom Remodeling Advice You Should Know

by | Jul 22, 2019 | Home Improvement

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A bathroom remodel can be a huge undertaking. Check out the following tried and tested tricks to keep the project from turning into a nightmare.

Get a professional crew

There’s so much that goes into designing the perfect bathroom space. You need to consider the fixtures, the number of people that will use the bathroom, the styles that the owner wants, the flow of traffic, the plumbing, and more. Spare yourself the stress and effort by hiring pros to handle the work. Pick Acorn Kitchen and Bath bathroom designs.

Know how much it costs

It’s easy to find bathroom designs in Birmingham, MI, you might think. But while it can be easy to find pros, you’ll need to make sure your budget can handle the cost. Talk to the firm and ask for a quote. Make sure they state the services that the quote covers. For instance, if you need a particular service—such as flooring or wiring installation—then you shouldn’t find that cost tacked onto your total bill if it’s already covered by the general quote.

Give them a reference

Make it easier on your team to deliver case studies for bathroom designs that appeal to you. Show them a few photos of what you want to happen. Talk to them about your plans. Do you want it big enough for at tub and a shower enclosure? That should help them come up with a layout that matches your needs.

Consider the lighting

If you’ve only ever had general lighting for your lighting, this is a good time to talk about your lighting options with your bathroom remodel crew. What about adding dimmers, for instance? That’s going to help you create the perfect mood whenever you want to spend some alone time in the tub.

Get the bathroom you’ve always wanted. Hire pros that you can trust.

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