Advantages of Using a Divorce Dispute Resolution Service in Florida Jul12


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Advantages of Using a Divorce Dispute Resolution Service in Florida

Contrary to what is presented in the popular media, divorce does not have to be a painful and nasty process. In fact, divorce can be quite easy and painless if both parties want it to be that way. One of the easiest ways to make this happen is to use dispute resolution services Miami, FL. Here are some of the benefits of doing so.

Low Cost

Compared to going through the process of a trial divorce, using a resolution service is significantly cheaper. Even if you both decide to use attorneys during the process, the cost will be less because there is less formal work that needs to be performed. This is in addition to the savings achieved when the lack of court costs is factored in.

Saves Time

When you handle your divorce through a resolution service, you are also saving time because there is no lengthy wait to appear on the court docket. Traditional court appearances may take as long as several months. This can all be avoided by using dispute resolution services Miami, FL.

More Control

Clients who have used such services report that they feel like they are more in control of their divorce proceedings as they can set the time and day of their appointments (within reason) as well as being able to pick the counselors and mediators involved. These options make for an all-around easier divorce that is far less stressful to all involved parties.

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