A Few Important Reasons for a Single Mother to Consult with a Family Attorney

by | Jul 18, 2019 | Law Firm

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If you are a single, pregnant woman, you need to give strong consideration to consulting with Family Law Lawyers Spokane, Washington. There are a few things this type of attorney can do for you and your child that will help both of you throughout the years that you will be raising him or her. The following are a few things to consider.

They can assist in establishing paternity
It is important that your child know who his or her father is, and the best way to do this is through the court system. The paternity tests are done in adherence to a chain of evidence procedure and are none by accredited labs, so you are assured of the validity of the test results. Once the father is determined biologically, a judge will establish the legal ruling for this.

They can assist in getting child support
Once the courts know who the father is, a child support order can be created. Most family courts have a well established formula for determining how much a man needs to pay each month to the mother of his child. Often the establishment of paternity and the amount of child support can be done by a family court at the same time.

They can help to enforce a child support order
One of the most important aspects of a child support order is that the courts can enforce it. Your child’s father may seem willing to pay support today, but over time, things can change. If he decides to stop paying or falls behind in his payments, you can take him to court. There are ways that he can be forced to pay, but the most common is to have his wages garnished.

There are many other things that Family Law Lawyers Spokane can do for an expectant mother, but the best thing to do is to consult a lawyer with all of your questions.

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