Entrusting a Disability Lawyer in Greensboro to File Your Case Appeals

by | Dec 20, 2023 | Law Firm

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When the judge turns down your initial petition for Social Security benefits, you might feel discouraged and want to give up entirely. You may think that you cannot convince a judge to realize that you are genuinely disabled or ill and cannot return to work.

However, you have the right to appeal your denial and provide more proof to the court. You can hire counsel like a disability lawyer in Greensboro to file an appeal as many times as needed to win your case.

Filing an Immediate Appeal

To convince the judge of your illness or injury, you may want to file an immediate appeal after your initial denial. If you wait to file an appeal, you may give the judge pause to question if you are really ill or injured or if you are simply filing for benefits to avoid working.

Your lawyer can file that immediate appeal so your case can get back on the court’s docket. Your attorney can also provide more proof of your injury or sickness to show the judge that you genuinely cannot work and earn an income on which to support yourself.

You can also avoid the hassle and worry that go along with filing appeals for yourself each time you get denied. You can find out more about retaining a disability lawyer in Greensboro for your case online. To set up a consultation or find out about retainer fees, visit Collins Price, PLLC website today.

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