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A Family Law Attorney Represents Clients Divorcing Because of Money Issues

Having disagreements and fights about money is one of the most common reasons that couples decide to get divorced. Money issues are easier to ignore before the two get married even if they are cohabitating. Once they have a marriage certificate, however, each spouse’s money habits have a definitive impact on the other person’s financial well-being. A person considering divorce may contact a Family Law Attorney in Hollywood, FL.

Consumer Debt

The more consumer debt a couple has, the more likely they are to argue about it. Most of the fights are about debt from credit cards, personal loans, financing of vehicles, back taxes and student loans. Sometimes the couple has started out far in the red because they borrowed a lot of money for their wedding.

Most individuals have debt when they get married. The two might not admit to each other how much money they actually owe. Without a mutual plan to pay down these obligations, they are more likely to fight when they have financial struggles.

Keeping Secrets

Fights also occur when one spouse discovers that the other is spending more than he or she has been admitting. That spouse might notice a credit card statement left open on a table and not think there’s anything wrong with taking a look.

The person who is most responsible about money matters will feel resentful about the situation, while the other may feel chastised and misunderstood. Eventually, one or both of the spouses may seek legal representation by a Family Law Attorney in Hollywood, FL, to start divorce proceedings.

Concluding Thoughts

If the two cannot resolve their problems and no longer want to stay married, they may seek help from divorce lawyers. Each will need his or her own attorney. Information on the law firm can be viewed by visiting the website.

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