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3 Tips To Finding The Perfect Health Care Public Relations Expert

As a hospital or healthcare facility, you know the importance of health care public relations. You know that a PR agency that focuses on health care understands the limitations of health care public relations, especially in such a competitive environment. Find a company that specializes in public relations directed toward hospitals and healthcare facilities is the difficult task. Here are three ways you can make finding the perfect health care public relations expert a whole lot easier.


You want to choose a health care public relations expert who has experience in two categories. First, it is important that they can provide you with expert media relations. The second important area they need experience in, and probably the most important, is health care public relations. It is best if they can provide you with a portfolio of what they have worked on in the past, so that you can understand what they can do for your hospital or health care facility. Further, you should ask for letters of recommendation from other hospital or health care facilities they have worked with. This will provide you some insight into how well they have managed other PR campaigns.

Part Of The Team

You want to make sure that the health care public relations agency you choose is willing to be a part of your current team, and vice versa. It is important that your company and the PR agency can work together, accomplishing goals. It is recommended that you invite them to meetings and provide them with access to your materials that are pertinent to public relations. Providing them with the knowledge they need will allow them to be able to support you in every situation.

The Means

Lastly, it is important that you choose a PR agency that has the means to effectively manage your health care public relations issues. They need to know about different aspects of hospital public relations, including SHSMD, HARO, Cision and more. If they are not aware of these types of things, or have never worked with them, you would not want to choose that particular PR agency. If they have the right tools to handle your public relations, then they can make your presence known in the marketplace.

All in all, you want to choose a PR company that works with you and has a vast knowledge of what goals you intend to reach. It is important that they are strong in the area of communication strategies, as well as being, or becoming, very familiar with the assets and culture of your hospital. Handling public relations is not something you should do, or need to do alone. Once you find the perfect PR agency to handle your public relations, you can focus your time on other aspects of managing your hospital or health care facility.

Health care public relationsf is a difficult concept to manage on your own. It is important that you let expert public relations professionals, such as Makovsky Integrated Communications, handle you needs.

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