After a DUI Knoxville Residents Should Obtain Legal Help

by | Apr 12, 2013 | Lawyers

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Making the decision to get behind the wheel after ingesting alcohol or other substances can quickly transform from a split second choice into a very costly mistake, especially in the state of Tennessee.

After receiving a Dui Knoxville residents could be required to pay several thousand dollars in fees and fines. Also, the state operates with a tiered approach, so that in the case of a second conviction, monetary fines can increase, along with possible jail time. Also, if a person is convicted of driving under the influence within five years of the first instance, his or her vehicle could be subject to seizure. Although it’s ideal to not drive under the influence at all, it’s also important to hire legal representation if you’ve found yourself facing a conviction, and aren’t sure where to turn.

A legal team can explain that you may be eligible for a program that allows you to drive, but under a restricted license. This option is particularly helpful if you were previously very reliant on transportation for needs such as work or child care. People who were convicted of driving under the influence in the past or who have other suspensions related to their driving records won’t be eligible for restricted driver’s license. Those who are will first have to receive permission from a judge, and then pay for liability insurance and a driving fee. Since it’s also necessary to take a complete driving examination again after a Dui Knoxville individuals must pass a road test in the same way they did upon initially receiving a license.

During a legal consultation, attorneys will learn details of the case, letting you know what to expect as far as fees and driving permissions. They’ll discuss your defense, and explain rights, too. After an unexpected incident, people are sometimes unable to think clearly and feel that it’s possible to represent themselves.

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