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2 Simple Reasons Why a Prenuptial Agreement is Good for Both Parties

The concept of signing a prenuptial agreement is more common than at any time in the past. While the plan is to stay together for the rest of your lives, things don’t always work out that way. If the marriage does come to an end, the provisions that your attorney put in place will be in compliance with current family law Coral Springs FL while also protecting the interests of both parties. Here are two examples of how that’s the case.

Protecting the Assets of Both Parties

Today, it’s not unusual for both parties to bring certain assets into the marriage. Depending on how the prenuptial agreement is written, it’s possible to ensure that each party would leave the marriage with those same assets. Assuming the agreement is written to comply with family law Coral Springs FL, this one provision will make the process of dividing assets a lot simpler.

Supporting Your Estate Planning

A prenuptial agreement draws a clear line between what’s considered separate property and what’s considered shared or marital property under family law Coral Springs FL. The agreement terms and conditions can include specifics about how any assets accrued during the marriage will be split as part of the property settlement. This can also help make the process of finalizing the divorce terms much simpler.

There are other ways that a prenuptial agreement can be helpful. If you’re planning on getting married, talk with your fiancée about preparing this type of legal document. Checking with a lawyer and learn more about how to structure the agreement. Both of you will be glad that you did if the marriage doesn’t work out.

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