Zero Gravity Chairs – Modern Seating in the 21st Century

by | Aug 17, 2012 | Business

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The 21st century has brought along some great inventions. Smart phones, 3D televisions and nanotechnology are all a reality these days. But the 21st century has also brought along new innovations in comfort and furniture. Zero gravity chairs are the newest thing in home furnishing and help to create the most comfortable and stress relieving experiences known to furniture. Brands like Ekrones and Fjord create some highly popular zero gravity chairs that are sweeping the world with their comfort and relaxation abilities.

The Design

There is a certain design that goes into creating real zero gravity chairs, and it’s only used by these two brands (as far as we know). The chair is balanced on a horizontal bar so that the chair can lean back and forth with the person sitting in it. Whether lying back to take a comfortable cat nap or leaning forward to sit up, the chair will follow you wherever you go. The idea of this design is that the chair becomes one with the person sitting in it, allowing for maximum coziness and de-stressing.

These chairs also come with a knob that lets the user control the amount of friction that the bar controls on the chair. This means that if you want a real zero gravity experience, you simply have to loosen the knob and lean back. But if you want the chair to support you as you do homework or watch television, than you can simply tighten the knob to increase the friction.

Benefits of Zero Gravity Chairs

So what makes zero gravity chairs different than a typical armchair or La-Z-Boy? There are quite a few great benefits to sitting in one of these chairs compared to the classic options.

Relieves Stress

The best benefit and the most well-known benefit of zero gravity chairs is the fact that they are built to reduce stress. The zero gravity design and the fact that the chair moves with the sitting person make it a prime candidate for stress relief. By moving with the sitter, it won’t fight against them and will only support them and have them feeling like they’re floating as they sit or lie down.

Helps with Back Pain

Back pain is caused by both mental and physical stress. So because these zero gravity chairs are built purely for stress relief, they can help loosen up backs and relieve the tension that builds up there. These chairs are built to provide a relaxing experience both physically and mentally, so all types of stress can be relieved through sitting in them. This is a great solution for anyone dealing with chronic back pain.

Promotes Good Posture

Because zero gravity chairs offer such great support, they are great for promoting good posture. Especially if you are sitting up and adjust the friction control knob to support you and help you sit up straight.

Zero gravity chairs are a great option for anyone looking to gain these benefits, or really just looking for a comfortable, relaxing chair in general. They are different than anything on the market and they are truly 21st century chairs.



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