Your Veterinarian In Queens NY Can Help You Through The Hard Time Jun05


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Your Veterinarian In Queens NY Can Help You Through The Hard Time

At the end of a beloved pet’s life, there are many choices that you have to make. Preferably if you have a family vet that has known the animal over the years, they will help guide you in these choices. If you have time and money there are options such as extended home care, hospital care and ways to make the end of a life the most comfortable possible. Establish a relationships with veterinarian in Queens NY so that you will not be alone in tough situations.

A pet inevitably will do the best physically if they are comfortable in a place they know well, which is the home they live in. If the diagnosis is not too severe and the treatment options are not invasive, home care is the best option. You may work with a Veterinarian Queens NY on a weekly or daily basis to make your pet as comfortable as possible.

If your pet is in no condition to be without around the clock care, then your vet will need to provide more in-depth answers to your questions. A pet will be confused when they are placed in a hospital setting and that will not help their health. Ask what the likelihood will be of a successful outcome of hospitalization procedures. If you are prolonging the inevitable it may be best to look at euthanasia options.

When you face the possibility of euthanasia for a beloved animal take your time in making the decision. Your Veterinarian Queens NY will guide you through the emotional process and make it as straight forward as possible. Know your options, discuss the possibility of survival and determine the level of discomfort or pain your pet may be in.

There are support groups to deal with the four stages of grief. You may feel hope or denial at the beginning that is unwarranted. You may feel anger towards yourself or your vet for not doing enough to help the situation. You will inevitably grieve over your loss in yet another stage and lastly, acceptance in the situation. There is nothing you can do and the stages may occur in different times and not necessarily in order. It is natural to miss a part of your family that came in the form of a four legged friend.

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