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Your Ultimate Core Strength Plan For New Year

2020 is the year. It’s the year you get to trim that weight you put on during the holidays, the year you eat healthier, and the year you get to keep your resolutions for good! If you are serious about changing your body and mentality, you are going to need an ultimate plan to nail it down. It’s not going to be smooth with strict nutrition, diets, and workouts. That’s why we have the ultimate New Year package already in place for you.


Nutrition is a vital component of getting fit. Look for recipes that incinerate fat and build muscle! You could use the advice of a nutritionist to find out which healthy meals will help you cut the few pounds added during the holidays. Remember starving yourself doesn’t solve much.

Catch up with the trends

2020 is the year you join the bandwagon and try new things during your workouts. Join new classes and invest in the latest workout gadgets to keep you in check with your fitness. Consult with your instructor about the new trends that you are trying to include in your daily exercises.

Go the extra mile

You’ve done remarkably well throughout the year. It’s time to increase your intensity during your workouts. Involve more power, but don’t overdo it or risk over-training. For now, rest and re-energize as you wait for the New Year.

For early planning and preparations, contact THE MAX Challenge of Staten Island Great Kills, NY now to book an appointment with our lead instructor. We strive to help our clients succeed.

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