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Your Options for Men’s Hair Transplant in Pennsylvania

Years ago men with thinning hair had one option- a toupee. Today few men need to choose one of these poorly fitting artificial hair pieces. There are several options that can give men a fuller head of hair, and all of them look natural. The most effective is a Hair Transplant in Pennsylvania.

Those seeking a hair transplant in Pennsylvania, have two options: Follicular Unit Transplantation, or FUT, and Follicular Unit Excision, or FUE.

During an FUT procedure, a narrow “strip” of hair-bearing skin is removed from the donor area on the sides and back of the scalp. The hair follicles in this part of the scalp are immune to hair loss, and will last permanently after being transplanted. The area left behind after the strip is removed is immediately closed with sutures or staples, and heals into a fine, subtle line which is difficult to appreciate – even with shorter hair. The strip is then dissected into the individual follicles (follicular units) under microscopes, and each is carefully transplanted “one-by-one” into the bald and thinning regions of the scalp. FUT surgery is considered the field’s “Gold Standard.” It causes the least amount of damage in the donor area, provides the best quality and greatest quantity of hair to use for a transplant, and leads to the best results. It is the best approach for patients requiring large surgeries, patients who may want additional surgery at a later date, and those seeking the best chance at a good result.

During an FUE procedure, small tools are used to cut around the individual follicles in the donor area. Forceps (medical tweezers) are then used to pluck each follicle free. These follicles are then evaluated under microscopes and implanted in the bald and thinning regions just like in an FUT procedure. The holes left behind after removing the follicles are left open to heal into small “dot” scars. The scarring left behind from FUE is very subtle and difficult to appreciate. Because of this, it allows for patients to have shorter haircuts on the sides and back of the scalp. FUE typically transplants fewer hairs in a single sitting, causes more damage in the donor area, and does not typically grow as consistently as FUT. However, it is a good approach for patients requiring small surgery, patients who cannot undergo strip (FUT) harvesting, and those who like wearing their hair short on the sides.

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