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Your Guide to Healing Damaged Skin

The skin is the largest organ of the body, and it is the most visible. We are very conscious of our skin as we age, as the youthful skin as a child breaks down from a variety of factors, such as trauma to the body, environmental conditions and overall aging. There are many ways to try to improve skin, such as a better diet and more sleep, but sometimes loss of natural elasticity and other factors can’t be helped by this. If you want to erase signs of damage and aging, a dermatological approach with Skin Resurfacing Costa Mesa might be the next step.

Why try laser skin resurfacing treatment?
Advertisements for the latest skin fix are all in magazines, online and on the television. Trying skin creams and home remedies can get expensive, especially if they don’t deliver the results they tout. The next step is to see a dermatologist to assess your skin and if Skin Resurfacing is right for you.

Skin resurfacing can rejuvenate the appearance of your skin, and is a popular option for targeting damaged areas, such as:
1. Fine lines
2. Wrinkles
3. Scares from acne
4. Aged or sun-damaged skin
5. Enlarged pores

How it works
There are two types of skin resurfacing: Erbium and CO2. With erbium, the laser targets extreme trouble spots with minimal effect on the surrounding tissue. There are many benefits to this, as the skin heals faster and there is minimal swelling and pain. Those with dark skin can benefit from erbium laser skin resurfacing.

With CO2 laser skin resurfacing, short pulses of light energy, also known as ultra-pulses, or a continuous light beam are delivered in a scanning pattern. It removes thin layers of skin to help the skin rebuild itself. This method might take longer to heal.

There are some precautions after the sessions, such as swelling and a mild sunburn sensation, which can last up to three days. Do not be afraid if your skin begins to peel, as it is exfoliating and replacing dead tissue, which has a hard time rejuvenating on aged skin. It is important that you use moisturiser with SPF to protect the skin from harmful UV rays during this step, in order to have healthy skin come through.

After two to three sessions, the results will show a smoother and healthier complexion, as your skin is renewed to what it once was. You can regain confidence and step out a whole new person after Skin Resurfacing in Costa Mesa.

When u need skin resurfacing in Costa Mesa reversing aging and other imperfections, Dr. Mehdi Derambakhsh is smart choice for you. For more information, visit Deram Dermatology online.

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