Your Feet Are an Important Body Part

by | Jul 20, 2016 | Healthcare

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Your feet are one of the most important body parts for the reason that, they play a huge part in balance and movement. Unfortunately, feet are one of the most neglected and abused areas. People stub their toes, squeeze their feet into uncomfortable shoes or walk and stand on them for hours. It is not uncommon to experience some type of pain when feet are involved, in some cases people can break their foot and not even realize it until later. Even with a broken foot most people will go to a general doctor because they do not think about seeing a foot specialist. A podiatrist is a specialized doctor who treats and diagnoses conditions related to your feet and ankles. If you have a broken foot in Chicago, IL then you want to visit a podiatrist expert.

Reasons to Visit a Foot and Ankle Clinic that Has Podiatrist Experts

A broken foot or any broken bone for that matter is not fun to endure, and diagnosing the issue can be challenging.  There are 33 joints and 26 bones in a foot; which is why most people do not know their foot is broken until having an x-ray done. Of course there will be pain but they may assume their foot is fractured or sprung. If your foot has been damaged because something heavy fell on it, then surgery may be required to repair the problem correctly. Another scenario is if you have a protruding bone or open wound that is linked with your broken foot, you will need immediate medical attention from a podiatrist expert. An injury like this can quickly lead into an unsafe infection in the bone and may result in death or amputation of the foot.

Alleviating Foot Pain Is What a Podiatrist Does for Their Patients

It is important to remember one thing and that is, when you visit a foot and ankle clinic you can rest at ease in knowing that a podiatrist expert will help alleviate your foot pain. A specialist will discuss with you the options you have for your broken foot. Depending on how minor or major it may be they will provide you with the great care. In most situations a broken foot will heal on its own in time with the proper treatment, but with more serious injuries your foot may need to have surgery done on it. It is hard to know whether a foot has been broken or sprained, it is why a podiatrist will perform tests and ask you questions regarding your foot injury. Keep in mind it is better to get the advice from a specialist rather than risking additional damage to your foot that may result in you having surgery.

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