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Your Divorce Settlement May Not Give You the Karma-esque Justice You Desire

When you first consult with your divorce lawyer in Pottstown, PA, you may have all kinds of visions of the Karma-esque justice that you hope to obtain from that dirty rotten so-and-so to whom you will soon cease to be married. Your plan to get the justice that you believe that you are due can be especially heightened if marital infidelity played any role in your impending divorce. Yet, however much you may want to believe that what goes around comes around, your divorce decree may not be the place where you see that sense of cosmic justice played out and your divorce lawyer would do well to explain that to you from the get-go. Divorce settlements are all about a fair and equitable distribution of assets and making sure that the best interests of any children involved are served, not about being punitive or allowing one partner to “get even” with the other.

If your Pottstown family attorney is experienced and knowledgeable, your lawyer will work with you to reach a settlement that fairly serves the best interests of everyone involved. Such a decree will meet the demands of family law in PA and is not likely to be challenged in the courts. Because the fact is, regardless of how reprehensible your soon-to-be-ex-spouse’s behavior was during your marriage, it is not the job of your divorce lawyer nor the family courts in Pottstown to punish that behavior. Barring any abuse that may have occurred or the inability to effectively and safely parent any children involved, your partner’s marital indiscretions will have little bearing on the divorce proceedings at all. If you walk into your divorce lawyer’s office expecting anything different, you will most likely be disappointed.

Instead of expecting your divorce lawyer to help you get even, you should expect, instead, a divorce lawyer who will work to solve all of the issues at hand as amicably as possible while still protecting and upholding your rights. If you and your partner cannot reach a mutually agreeable resolution, you should expect that your lawyer, will be ready to assertively defend your rights in court while protecting your best interests as well as the best interests of any children that will be affected.

It may very well be that there is a sort of cosmic justice operative in the world where what goes around does come around. And, if your spouse has been unfaithful, there are surely repercussions that will follow. However, your divorce lawyer is an unlikely source for that sort of finale. Instead, look to your lawyer for compassionate, assertive, and fair representation.  offers you the individualized attentive service that you need to protect your interests.

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