Your Child’s First Visit to a Potomac Pediatric Dentist May30


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Your Child’s First Visit to a Potomac Pediatric Dentist

Your child’s first visit to a Potomac Pediatric Dentist is a big moment, and it’s one you can help prepare your child for at home in advance. Dentists see patients who are as young as infancy for their first check-up. At home, talk to your child about the dentist in a positive way.

Parents themselves may be able to prepare for the Potomac Pediatric Dentist visit by filling out the necessary paperwork online. Some dental offices have their paperwork available online to simply download and fill out ahead of the appointment. If not, they may be willing to mail the papers to you. This will be much easier to fill out at home instead of while sitting in the dentist’s waiting room with a child on your lap.

The forms will ask for basic information like the child’s name, date of birth, and address, plus the parent’s full name and contact information. They’ll need the name of any dental insurance you have, the policy holder’s name, the policy number, the group number, and the insurance company’s name and address.

Next, they’ll need more detailed information about your child’s medical history. You’ll be asked for your pediatrician’s name and contact information, any illness or diseases your child has had, like has your child had her adenoids removed, or if he has sinus infections, or if the child has a heart murmur.

You’ll need to list any substances or medications that your child has an allergic reaction to, like latex, codeine, penicillin, or environmental allergies. Lastly, you’ll be asked if your child has any known medical conditions like cancer, hemophilia, stomach ulcers, epilepsy or kidney disease, or if the child has any behavioral issues like autism, sensory integration, or a hearing disorder.

During the appointment, depending on the age of the child, your child may be able to remain in your arms and sit on your lap. The hygienist and dentist will demonstrate proper brushing and flossing and have you try it. They’ll recommend age-appropriate dental care for at home, and answer all your questions. Starting your child off with a positive experience can create good habits for a lifetime.


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