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Your Child’s First Dental Appointment

Your baby is growing up. It seems like just yesterday that you brought your little one home from the hospital and now they are up and running and you can hardly keep up with them. Now another important milestone has been reached and the time has come for them to visit one of the Family Dentists in Gig Harbor for their first dental exam. If this is your first child, and maybe even if you have had a couple, you might have many questions about this first dentist visit. Here are some facts that you should know about taking your child to one of the many family dentists in Gig Harbor.

When They Should Go
The first question that you might ask is when you should take your child in to their first dental appointment. The time frame can vary between children but it is recommended that you take them in within six months after the first tooth has shown up. This is usually around when the child has turned one. If you see that the teeth that are coming in are discolored or crooked then it might be a good idea to take your child in sooner rather than waiting. If you have any questions or concerns about when to take your child in for their first dental visit then talk to your family doctor or pediatrician for advice.

Which Dentist To Choose
Once the time has come to take your child in to their first dentist appointment, you will have to choose one of the family dentists in Gig Harbor. If the dentist that you currently go to also has experience with children then this is a great option to use. You might also want to consider choosing a pediatric dentist. Pediatric dentists are trained to work with any squirming and fears that comes with taking care of a child. However, many dentists will work with you and your child to prevent them from being afraid of the dentist.

What To Expect
Once you have picked from one of the family dentists in Gig Harbor you will wonder what you can expect at your first dental visit. The first one you take your child to will be a quick one. It is more to get the child used to being at the dentist office rather than doing a full checkup. Depending on the age of your child and how their teeth look, cleanings might be performed on that visit or saved for a future visit. If the teeth look fine and nothing looks wrong with your child’s teeth and gums the dentist will save the cleanings for another visit and spend the time letting your child get to know them and get comfortable with going to the dentist’s office.

Choosing one of the many family dentists Gig Harbor can be a difficult decision. However, save yourself some time and choose Fisher Distinctive Dentistry today. They are great with kids and focus on people, not just teeth. Call to make your child’s first appointment today at 360-876-0445.

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