Your Carbonation System: Adding the Fizz to Your Drink Sep27


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Your Carbonation System: Adding the Fizz to Your Drink

Industrial and government agencies divide the beverage industry into two major categories: alcoholic and non-alcoholic. In both groups, the installation of a carbonation system may be essential to ensure the “fizz” in your beverages. However, for the soft drink manufacturer and other carbonated drinks, this quality is vital.

Market Share and Innovation

Americans love carbonated drinks. These beverages have grown in type and market since the invention of carbonation by Joseph Priestley (1733-1804) in 1767. His “Directions for Impregnating Water with Fixed Air” (1772) was a manual for producing soda water using a carbonation system. Although he never exploited his knowledge, others did. This led to a rise in a variety of flavored drinks, all of which had one thing in common – carbonation.

Until recently, carbonated soft drinks had a steady market share. However, the sales of traditional carbonated soft drinks are declining. This mature market needs to consider innovative means if it is to not merely survive but reduce the current trend.

Among the potential approaches is to consider the movement towards healthy beverages. Options such as fruit juices and flavored water are potential growth sectors in the coming years. In fact, carbonated fruit juices and water are increasingly becoming popular among certain sectors of the public – Millennials being a major impetus behind this change.

It is up to companies to accept the challenges, and many have. Unusual flavored carbonated water and healthy sparkling juices are the response many companies are choosing to make. Both large established companies and small ones are re-invigorating their sales through being both adaptive to consumers’ tastes and through innovative approaches.

Carbonation System: The Mainstay of Carbonated Drinks

The change towards healthier beverages is having a major effect on the soft drink market. However, that “fizzy sensation still remains popular. Fortunately, carbonation systems are adaptable to change. They readily work with the times to produce the current desirable options such as sparkling juices and carbonated water.

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