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You Will Never Believe These Bizarre Truths Behind Air Conditioning Units

Air conditioning technology has been around for a long time. Yet, many people still don’t understand how the systems really work. This has led to the circulation of several myths about air conditioning. Take the time to learn the truth behind air conditioning repair in St. Louis.

Air Conditioning Is for Cooling

Due to its name, most people assume that air conditioning only cools air. Yet, it does something else as well. AC units also remove humidity and heat from the interior air. This helps to keep the air dry and comfortable. The hot air is then replaced with fresh, cool air.

Keeping Your Thermostat Low

Most homeowners are desperate to keep their interior temperature as low as possible. To achieve this, they set the thermostat at the lowest setting. The rationale behind this is that the maximum setting will cool the home faster. In reality, this doesn’t work as planned. The air conditioner works the same regardless of the setting. Thus, it is best to set it at the actual temperature you desire.

You Can Put Your Thermostat Anywhere

Most people don’t put much thought into the placement of the thermostat. Usually, its positioning is an afterthought. Yet, you should take more time to think critically about the thermostat’s placement. First, it needs to be in a place that is convenient to access. In addition, it should be far away from windows, drafts, and sunlight. Doing this will keep the thermostat as accurate as possible.

Some More Advice

When it comes to air conditioning, don’t make assumptions. Get advice from air conditioning repair in St. Louis to maximize the functioning and efficiency of your unit.

For more assistance with AC repair issues, contact Classic Aire Care at www.classicairecare.com.

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