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You Need To Understand What Type Of Estimate A Moving Company In Chicago Is Giving You

When you hire a Moving Company Chicago to move your property, it is important to take your time and get a few estimates from multiple companies. When you get estimates from the companies, it is important to realize that you will not be bound to the estimates. Just because you get an estimate from a company, you can choose to hire a different company if you are so inclined. When you get the estimates, it is important to understand exactly what each estimate means.

A non-binding estimate is an estimate that some moving companies use to give you a ballpark figure for what they project the move will cost. The cost can change once the items to be moved are weighed. When your items arrive, the cost may be higher than the cost that was estimated by up to 10%. When this happens, you will need to pay for the full 110% bill before the movers are obligated to relinquish your property to you.

A binding estimate is an estimate that is set in stone. You will not be asked to pay any more for the cost to ship your items than the exact amount the mover quoted you. If you ask for any additional services or if storage is required before delivery can be made, you will be responsible for the extra fees because they were part of your original agreement with the Moving Company Chicago.

When you get quotes from multiple moving companies, it is essential that you make sure you know what type of estimate you are getting. Ensure that it is written on the paperwork somewhere so that you can refer to it at a later period. You also need to find out how much money is required as a down payment for the move. Many companies require a certain percentage before they move any items. Many times the percentage is negotiable if you are willing to discuss the rates with the movers. It is important to be sure that you are present on the day that your items are set to arrive so that no additional fees are tacked onto your bill.

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